We’ve finalised the changes to this year’s courses! The changes were made mainly to minimize the impact on some of the old route’s busiest churches – St Mary’s, Pope’s Quay; the Church of the Assumption, Ballyphehane; and the Holy Ghost Church, Denny’s Cross – but also to minimise the impact on local residents and businesses. We’ll have traffic details up shortly, so you can plan your trip around the city on 4th June.

For our runners, the changes have introduced one significant uphill in Ballyphehane but overall the profile remains very similar to previous years and it’s still a fairly flat course.

Full details of the marathon course are here and you’ll find the half marathon course here. For Relay runners, please note that there are no changes to the positioning of the changeovers, but there are small variations in the distances between them. You’ll get all the details here.