Registration is on Saturday 2nd June in the Civic Offices of Cork City Hall. For those who know Cork, it’s the glass-fronted building between the old limestone City Hall and the main Fire Station on Anglesea Street.

If you park in the City Hall multistorey on Eglinton Street, there’s an alleyway between the Civic Offices and the Fire Station that will bring you around to the entrance.

The Expo will be held as usual in the Concert Hall.

Please note that you can only enter the registration area from Anglesea Street. There won’t be any access from the Concert Hall/Expo.

Procedures for Registration

This year, all categories will be allocated their race numbers at registration (in previous years, marathon and relay have been pre-allocated).

Please bring your acceptance slip with you – that’s the sheet with your barcode on it. You haven’t been assigned a race number in advance, so you must have the barcode to get your number. Event Master will be re-sending the link to your acceptance sheet during race week, in case you’ve mislaid the original.

Please note that the race number on your confirmation email is a system-generated number they use just for reference. It’s not the number you’ll run with.

One of our volunteers will check your barcode first, to make sure that it’s reading properly. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem with it, you’ll have it reprinted at the information desk.

Once you’ve collected your bib and t-shirt, you’ll carry on into the Concert Hall where you’ll get your goody bag.

For marathoners, we’re not printing the names on the bibs this year. Instead, your name will be on a label that you can collect if you wish in the Expo area. You don’t have to use the label.

Team Relay

To allow for distribution of race bibs amongst team members, we’re holding registration for teams on Thursday 31st May, 4.30 to 7.30pm. You can collect your team’s packs either on Thursday evening or along with everyone else on Saturday. This is not open to half-marathon or marathon.

While everyone is welcome to come to registration, you only need one member to collect your team’s packs. Please remember that the team’s pack must be collected as one, i.e. individual team members cannot pick up their bibs.

Youth Challenge

For Youth teams, your team leader will have received your race number confirmation in the post. Please bring this with you to registration either on Thursday evening or on Saturday.