Important Things to Note!

(Archive 2018)

Sunday is Race Day!

We’re almost there and the temperature is rising! It’s been a warm week so you should be sipping away at the water in the run-up to race day. Please remember that you really need to hydrate in advance of race day. Do not come to the startline dehydrated.  You can’t run a race of any length in the heat if you’re not already prepared. We’re looking at a high of 19-20 degrees, so whatever the cloud cover, it’s going to be warm. We’ll have plenty of water out on the course, but we are asking you not to waste it. Please don’t take a few sips from a bottle and then dump it. They’re kids size bottles, so they’re easy to run with. Try to hang onto yours until it’s empty and then drop it close to a water station (so that our volunteers can retrieve it). We have 16 water stations on the course, so you won’t run short.

Remember that it’s more dangerous to over-hydrate than to be dehydrated, so drink to your thirst and don’t drink too much.


Registration for everyone is on Saturday, 10am to 8pm in the Civic Offices of Cork City Hall. For teams only, there’s an option to register on Thursday in the Millennium Hall (entrance from Eglantine Street) from 4.30-7.30pm. Unfortunately we can’t register the marathon or half-marathon on Thursday – we won’t have the packs until Saturday.

For registration, you need to bring your registration form – that’s the one with the barcode on it. You don’t have to print it. If you have your confirmation email on your phone or tablet, the scanners will be able to pick that up. If there’s any problem with it, we can print off a registration slip for you.

We encourage everyone to come to registration so that you get the information you’ll need for race day. However, if you really can’t make it, you can get someone else to register for you. Make sure they have your registration sheet and that they know your DOB and mobile number, in case they’re needed.


We’re operating a next-number system again this year across all categories. That means you won’t have your race number assigned to you until you register, except for Michael Hayden, who’s running his 300th marathon on Sunday and will be wearing the number 300!

The most important aspect of registration is your timing chip. For the marathon and half marathon, your chip is on your race number. When you come in, you’ll go to the appropriate desk and the volunteers will scan your registration sheet’s barcode and the race number’s QR code. That will marry the two and you’ll have your assigned race number. Please make sure that you see your name and race number on the screen, to ensure it’s been successful.


Next you’ll get your commemorative shirt. We absolutely love the shirts this year and hope you will too. They’re very different to previous years and we think they’ll go down well. HOWEVER, they’re provided by a Spanish company and the original sizing was very much southern European, i.e. smaller than our norm. 42k Running, the company supplying the shirts, did a special run to upsize our women’s shirts, so they will be sized as in previous years and as you selected.

For the men, however, we’re upsizing at registration. In other words, the smallest size is a Medium. If you ordered a Small, you’ll get a Medium. If you ordered a Medium, you’ll get a Large, and so on. It’s going to be a bit confusing, but our volunteers will be well briefed and will explain to you. It’ll be worth it, honestly, they’re our favourite shirts to date, and we think we’ve given pretty good shirts over the years!

Good Bags

We don’t have any product sponsors this year, other than the Nature Valley Bars at the finish line. Consequently, your bag will be empty, apart from your race number, your shirt, and pins, and your race programme. We’ve spent money, however, on the bags. It’s the start of our drive to make our marathon greener and we hope you’ll use it over and over and over…


We have a full Expo this year, with a series of talks, advice and demos from 12 until 4 on various aspects of running and last-minute preparation for race day. You’ll find a list of exhibitors and a schedule of talks here.


The marathon and relay start on St Patrick’s Street at 8.30am. The very full half marathon starts on Albert Road at 10.15am. Full info here.