Pacing Teams

We have another fantastic team of pacers this year. Some are old friends who’ve been with us a long time, but we’re also delighted to welcome some new pacers this year. We have one or two slots to confirm yet but the following are the 2016 teams for the marathon and half marathon.


3:00: Paul Gallagher, Derek O’Keefe, Ken Devine and Eoin Field

3:15: Chris Grayson

3:15: Brian Gurrin

3:30: Grellan McGrath

3:30: Declan Egan

3:45: Dipak Vala

3:45: Mike Kissane

4:00: Alan Foley

4:00: Brian Ankers

4:00: Alan Boon

4:15: Norman Hunter

4:15: John Brady

4:30: Gavin O’Donovan

4:30: Rachel Stokes

4:45: John Chapman

4:45: Liam McDonnell

5:00: Johnny Healy

5:00: Michelle Burke

Half Marathon

1:30: Alan O’Brien

1:30: Ronan Boland

1:40: Sean O’Keeffe

1:40: Ken Mulcahy

1:50: Conn Donovan

1:50: David O’Donovan

2:00: Nora Corcoran

2:00: Ed FitzGerald

2:15: Mike Collins

2:15: Greg McNamara

2:30: Jo Fearon