10k Race

10k Challenge

Anybody who is 15 years old on race day can enter the 10k!

We’re thrilled to announce the official 10km race route for the 2023 Cork City Marathon! This fresh and exciting route is designed to introduce the Cork City Marathon experience to a wider range of runners. By covering many of the breathtaking locations from the full and half marathon routes, the runners can truly immerse themselves in the Cork city experience. Please note you must be aged 15 or over on the day of the race in order to enter the 10k.

The 10K race will replace the previous relay race option, with challenges around operations and logistics it’s unfortunately no longer possible to offer the relay race. We thought really hard about this and didn’t want to drop it but unfortunately, we didn’t have another choice.

10k route description

The race will begin at 08:45 on St Patrick Street, following the start of the full marathon. Runners will proceed down St Patrick Street and outwards onto Washington Street/Western Road. From there, they will turn onto Mardyke walk and cross the river via Mardyke Bridge. The route will continue on the Banks of the Lee walkway before re-entering the city roads at the North Quay, proceeding along Popes Quay, and following the full marathon route out the N20 to its turnaround point. Once back in the city, the runners will turn left onto St Patricks Quay and cross the river again via Brian Boru Bridge. On the south side of the river, the race will move along Merchants Quay, turn onto North Main Street, and return to Washington Street before finishing on St Patricks Street.

10k Start and Assembly

All runners must assemble at 08:15 on Merchants Quay. Please note that the race will start promptly after the full marathon, and route closures may prevent latecomers from participating. For your convenience, the race will have pacers to accommodate various running levels and finish times, ranging from 40 minutes to 65 minutes.

The addition of the 10k race was a widely popular decision as it opens up participation in the Cork City Marathon to those who would like a less challenging and more fun and inclusive challenge, be it on your own or with a group! It will be a great opportunity for everybody who participates in the very popular 5k park runs to join the Cork City Marathon 10k challenge.

You can enter online here. (Link opens EventMaster.ie for registration)

Who can participate in the 10k?

If you are at least 15 years old and have recently started running, or doing any fun runs or 5k runs on weekends, recommenced training, or are in recovery from an injury and are worried that the Half Marathon or Full Marathon might be too much or too strenuous for you, the 10K could be the perfect option for you! You will get a medal crossing the finish line and there will be cash prizes up for grabs, similar to the other races of the day!

Participants will have the opportunity to enter individually or as part of a team in which they could run together and encourage each other. They would all get their individual results which will be posted on the race page and if registered as a team, their team results would also be published!

How to register as a team or individually?

If you would like to enter as a team, you will first of all have to agree to a team name. Then the first person has to enter their team name into the field ‘team name’ in the registration, once the team name is entered it will come up in a drop-down for their teammates to join them. Or if you’d prefer to run solo, you and your relay runner team mates can register without selecting the team option.

People will get their individual prizes for the first 3 winners of male and female and then if entered as a team the fastest team would win another prize which they can then win for their club or a chosen charity which is a great method of supporting inclusivity and sponsorship! It would also be a great challenge and give everybody a chance, as it doesn’t mean the team with the fastest runner will win the team prize. Another team might come in after the first 3 but their times added up might be better than the team with the fastest runner.

Please note, when you enter for the 10k race and would like to participate as a team you will need to fill in the team section! Clubs are not entered automatically into the team competition. If you want to add your club to take part as a team and be in with a chance to win a team prize, you must enter your club as a team under ‘Create a team/Join a team’ in the registration form.

Why the 10k?

  • Everybody will start together which will lead to a great atmosphere at the start line
  • Teammates can encourage each other during the race
  • It is very inclusive as individuals and teams can participate
  • Minimum age is 15 years old
  • Wheelchair users can participate
  • It’s community focused as teams can win an additional prize for their club or chosen charity
  • All members have their finish times published on the race results page 
  • Minimal waiting times as everybody will start together. Especially running together with a friend, in a group or with a team will encourage each other and make the 10k race super enjoyable
  • Everybody can walk easily to the start line from city hall after the bag drop
  • Also small charities can participate if they only have 1 or 2 people running for them, as there is no min or max number of participants needed
  • Great entry-level run for clubs and any organisation who would like to send a team as part of their company’s wellness programme or to raise funds for a club or chosen charity

Prize Structure

10k prize structure 2023:

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories*:  €1,050

1st:  €100

2nd: €75

3rd:  €50

1st All Female Team  (if outside 1st-3rd): €200

1st All Male Team (if outside 1st-3rd): €200

1st Mixed Team  (if outside 1st-3rd): €200

10k team prize rules

For teams to qualify, they must have a minimum of 4 runners registered to run the race. To be eligible to win the 10k team prize, mixed teams must have at least two female runners.

The team’s results will be calculated on the fastest team based on finishing positions. There will be one prize each for the fastest male, female and mixed team (minimum two females).

If a team has more than four runners, the result will be calculated based on the top four runner’s finishing positions. 

In an event of a draw, the winning team with the highest finisher place will win. 

How’s Your Training Going?

If you’re already following a training programme that works for you, stick with it. If you’re not, you might want to check here for our 12-week programmes which you can tailor to suit your experience and time frame.

Join us on the June bank holiday weekend for a unique run through the streets of Cork city.

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