Meet Cork City Marathon Pacers – Sub 3.30 Hour Pacing Group 2022

Sub 3 Hour 30 Minutes Pacing Group 2022:

The Famous Team Grozzy.

Chris Grayson and Fozzy Forristal are legendary in the world of pacing. You will see them pacing absolutely every marathon in the country. They have perfected pacing to a fine art with both deadly accuracy in timing and huge banter along the way.

Name: Chris Grayson

Club Kerry Crusaders 1st marathon Liverpool 2011 time 3’04

pb Manchester 2’51

Chris has ran 6 sub 3 marathons. He won the Clonakilty Marathon in 2017 in a time of 2’54’59.

Chris has paced marathons everywhere including Dublin, Cork Manchester, Dingle, Jersey, Limerick, Connemara and Killarney plus Half Marathon pacing duties.

Back in 2011 Chris decided to give up smoking. Little did he know that in 7 short years he would be crowned winner of one of the most prestigious marathons in Ireland (Clonakilty). Chris won the Clonakilty Marathon in 2017 and dedicated the win to his brother Rob who had sadly passed away two years earlier at the age of 45. Chris is a great character around Marathon day and his positivity and good humour really adds to the running experience if you are following this group.

Name: Fozzy Forristal

Club: Kerry Cusaders

My name is Fozzy and I’m lucky enough to be asked to pace this great event. I have a passion for long-distance running but I truly love to pace the marathon distance. Nothing gives me more joy to see people reach their hard-earned goals. Pacing is a wonderful way to see the marathons and its even more special beside close friends like Mr Grayson (the better half of team Grozzy 😂)

I began running in 2010 for a bet and never looked back since. I’ve had the joy of running a lot of different distances, marathon, 100k, 100 milers, 24hrs and have managed to clock up 116 marathons.

I do enjoy pacing, sometimes too much as I talk a lot but hey, it’s fun and that’s what running is about… Enjoy every step, have fun with every step and make sure to smile at the end for the photos even if you’re wrecked 😉😂

I suppose my biggest achievement to date is to not have jumped into the ditch like Declan Moffit (Tommy Tierans joke on YouTube, def worth a watch 🤣🤣🤣)

So I hope everyone enjoys the Cork marathon, and to those tagging along with team Grozzy, God help ye😁😁. Don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook for any questions, ill certainly try and answer as best I can.

Inch by inch, we will all get there.

Join us on the June bank holiday weekend for a unique run through the streets of Cork city.

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