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Meet Cork City Marathon Pacers – Sub 3.45 Hour Pacing Group 2022

Sub 3 Hour 45 Minutes Pacing Group 2022:

Name Ger O’Toole 

Club: Blackrock AC

I am really looking forward to running with the 3.45 crew on the bank holiday weekend and having some fun along the way. 

I am from Wicklow, living in Dublin and qualify to run in the Cork marathon by marriage. 

2022 will be my second in-person Cork marathon, having run the 2019 marathon when I achieved a PB at that time. I have also ran the Cork half. Cork is nice and flat and has the best finish, running up Patrick Street is amazing and there is a great buzz afterwards as everyone stays around.

My running career started (as a teenager) with the 1985 Dublin marathon, followed by the 1986 marathon. I wasn’t a runner then, these were for charity, but the seed was sown. After that my marathon career was a bit sporadic, only reaching my 5th marathon by 2014, but I have upped the pace since so that I have now run 20 marathons. My PB was 3:12 in Berlin 2021: I put that down to the thrill of running in my first in-person race in almost 2 years. I am planning to run the iconic Boston Marathon on 18th of April and really looking forward to that. I also plan to run the Dublin marathon (and maybe New York) this year.  I also do some mountain and trail running and ultra distances, my longest distance is 67k and I ran the Donadea 50k in February. One of my favourite marathons is the Causeway Coast Marathon in Antrim, running on trails along the North coast of Antrim.

Really looking forward to running Cork again. Best of luck with your training.

Name: JJ O’ Byrne

Club: Sli Culainn

My names JJ and I’m delighted to be pacing the 3.45 marathon runners. I’m 33 and I’m from Wicklow. I ran my whole life, first starting running from farmers in fields and then later on from the farmer’s dogs, so I got good speed work in as a young man😂😂

As a Junior, I ran for Ireland in the world mountain running championships but then went to college and as the man says “I let the dog off the leash”

I’ve always ran but in 2020 I did a challenge of 12 Marathons in 12 months for the Wicklow Hospice. I was averaging 3.10ish per Marathon but I said I’d finish with a bang for the last one and ran a 2.34 Marathon which was the 14th fastest marathon from any Irish man that year.

I’m an Ironman and focus very heavily on how strength and condition, can improve running ability so in 2020 I became a Yoga Instructor and currently teach my own class “Wild Yoga with JJ”. I love running as I believe it settles the mind, strengthens the body, is happy for the soul, and you get to eat all the chocolate you want.😂😂🍫 One of my favourite athletes looks at running as a way of meditation and I have adapted this into my training. I always run happy and push my body but train smart and not hard.

I’m looking forward to only 42km of running and Craic because “time flies when you’re having fun”.