Meet Cork City Marathon Pacers – Sub 4.15 Hour Pacing Group 2022

Sub 4 Hour 15 Minute Pacing Group 2022:

John Chapman 


Once again I’m delighted to be pacing this great event. I ran the Cork marathon 6+ years not sure how many and paced the last 3. From Kildare and probably the oldest of the group 🤫. Ran my first marathon in 1994 in Tiberius Israel 🇮🇱 while serving overseas. I ran 3:18 that day not even knowing what a PB was at the time as I had joined the lads as a replacement and not a clue about marathon running. It took me 18 years to break it and when I did I broke it twice in two weeks. 3:15 is still my best.

I’ve 430 marathons to date these include 10 marathons in 10 days 4 x 100 miles ultras and a few smaller ultras. I won 2 six-hour challenges with EAMs up north. One of the founding members of MCI which I’m proud of. Looking forward to pacing and looking after the group following the 4:15 balloon 🎈👍


Dave Stack

I’ve been running for around 10 years. Started the same way as most with the 5k’s -10k’s and just built on it from there to the Marathon distance. It’s been a hell of a good time over 1000’s of miles, meeting 100’s of new people along the way. Running on the big days out is a hell of a buzz. I love the big city Marathons like Cork, the crowd is behind you, the months of preparation & training in the legs and that voice inside your head just willing you towards that finish line, but nothing beats working with a pace group to help open that door and see people enjoy the sport as much as I do.

I’ve paced with or have been paced by some of the best in the business, and believe me it makes all the difference when you have someone in your corner who knows what they are doing. Pacing isn’t all about setting consistent miles. You need to know the course, you need to know your pace, you need to know your group, and you better be damn good at it. Setting the tone of the group early, looking out for your regulars, the first-timers, those who might be going through a bad patch or who are out for that elusive PB and fighting the fight with them. Once you find the rhythm and settle in you will build trust with the group. They need to know they can rely on you to do the graft while they focus on keeping the legs turning.

I know how to have the craic with the group, there will be any amount of bad jokes, there will be slagging, and there maybe even a bit of singing. But you’ve got to know that there is serious work to be done. People may only ever run 1 marathon in their lives. This could be a lifelong dream, this could be something they’ve poured their heart and soul into for the last 6, 8, or 10 months. I’ve worked hard for people who promised their loved ones that they’d do it for them, I’ve paced with people in recovery who never imagined that they could run the distance, teased out of people something they never knew they had in them. It’s a responsibility I take seriously and it gives me no end of satisfaction working through those last few miles getting people over the line to achieve something amazing.

Cork City Marathon has assembled a serious pacing team for this year’s event. Each and every group will have accomplished and experienced runners leading. Work with them, get on their shoulder, and let them know if & when you are in trouble. We’ve been there, done that and know how to get over that finish line.

If you’re planning to run in my group or any of the pace groups, reach out to us beforehand, say hi at the start line or make yourself known on the roads as we tick over the miles. We’ve got your back & we’re going to have an unbelievably day out.

Best of luck! Dave

Join us on the June bank holiday weekend for a unique run through the streets of Cork city.

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