Cork City Marathon in collaboration with An Dúlra

In line with our sustainability goals, Davis Events Agency implemented the trees for tees campaign as part of the Cork Cork City Marathon in 2022 and 2023! We believe building a sustainable future requires conscious efforts to preserve our environment. One of the most effective ways to contribute to this cause is by planting trees. At our sites in Roscommon and Mayo and in partnership with An Dúlra, we have embarked on a journey to create a thriving forest ecosystem, and we’re excited to share our progress with you.

Across 2022 and 2023, we proudly planted an additional 2200 trees which were generously donated in lieu of a t-shirt by race participants. These forest sites boasts a diverse range of tree species, including alder, willow, birch, and many other additional broadleaves. Each tree plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

As the sites are constantly managed and monitored, we understand the importance of allowing nature to take its course. It will take approximately 18 years for our newly planted trees to develop and thrive.

After the 18-year mark, a crucial step in forest management awaits. To ensure the vitality and resilience of the woodland, An Dúlra will conduct selective thinning. This process involves removing some trees to allow the stronger ones to flourish. By doing so, we create optimal conditions for robust growth, fostering a vibrant and self-sustaining forest.

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond mere words. By planting and nurturing trees as part of the Cork CIty Marathon campaign, we actively contribute to a greener, more sustainable future. As we patiently wait for these trees to reach maturity, we remain dedicated to the careful management of our site in partnership with An Dúlra.  We aim to increase the number of trees planted as part of this brilliant initiative in 2024 and in years to come.

Participants who have enough t-shirts already can support this initiative this year again by opting for planting a tree instead of taking a t-shirt on the registration form when signing up.

Thank you for all of your support!

More information on An Dúlra and the work they do is available here.

Join us on the June bank holiday weekend for a unique run through the streets of Cork city.

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