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Download a listing of road re-openings here: 2019 marathon route road reopening times

Public Transport

Traffic Restrictions (general)

Jack Lynch Tunnel

Carrigrohane Road (Straight Road)

Getting to Cork Airport

Getting to Kent Station

Getting to the Bus Station on Parnell Place

Approaching the City from the NORTH

Cork City Centre



City Suburbs

Public Transport

Details to be confirmed: Irish Rail normally operate early trains from Midleton and Cobh on race day.

Details on the city’s bus service for race day will be available shortly.
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Traffic Restrictions (General)

The marathon course, 26.2 miles (42km), is closed to traffic until the last participant safely passes through each area within the allowed 6-hour course limit. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused and respectfully ask residents and visitors not to drive on the course if at all possible. Essential traffic will be escorted safely off the course by the Gardaí.

For travel into and around Cork City on SUNDAY 2nd June, the general advice is to use the Ring Roads (N25 South; R635 North) and Link Road (N27).

A list of the streets and roads for the marathon course is available to download here: 2019 marathon route road reopening times.

Please remember that bicycles are strictly forbidden on the course.

Our stewards, identified by high-vis vests with CORK CITY MARATHON on the back, and the Gardaí will do their utmost to minimise traffic disruption.

Jack Lynch Tunnel

The Jack Lynch Tunnel is OPEN all day and throughout the race but a contra-flow will operate in the southbound bore so traffic will be slower than normal. Please allow extra time for your journey. The Tunnel should be fully operational by 12pm.

Carrigrohane Road (Straight Road)

PLEASE AVOID and use the City Link Road/South Ring Road to access the West.

The Carrigrohane Road has OUTBOUND traffic only. This is very slow and seriously backed up to Victoria Cross between about 10.30am and 12.30pm. PLEASE AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Though you will encounter delays here too, you can drive up Wilton Road, onto the Sarfield Roundabout and onto the link road to Ballincollig. You will encounter delays at the junction of Orchard Road and Farranlea Road, so the best route out of the city is via the South City Link. That will take you east, west or south from the Kinsale Road Roundabout.

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Getting to Cork Airport:

Use the Ring Roads and City Link Roads where possible. Once you’re through the tunnel, the race will not directly affect traffic. Traffic may be slower than normal, so please allow extra time for your journey. You can access the Kinsale Road Roundabout all day from the city centre. The contraflow in place until 1pm will slow traffic a little, so please allow extra time for your journey.

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Getting to Kent Station:

It will not be possible to drive to Kent Station from c. 8am to c. 10.30am.

During that time, coming from the South City Link, you’ll be able to drop passengers at City Hall (10-15 min walk), accessing the South City Link again via Anglesea Street.

From the north, passengers can be dropped at the junction of MacCurtain Street/Summer Hill North but traffic will be turned back up Summer Hill North.

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Getting to the Bus Station on Parnell Place:

You won’t be able to access the bus station by car between c. 8am and 10am. After that, traffic will have access but your egress will be restricted by the closure of St Patrick’s Street. You will be able to access the South City Link Road via Patrick’s Bridge and MacCurtain Street. From MacCurtain Street, you’ll be directed
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While most areas of the city will be affected to varying extents, some residents will be extremely restricted from moving into or out of their homes and work places. The areas most severely affected are:

  • St Patrick’s Street & surrounding areas (5.30am to 6pm)
  • Albert Road, Victoria Road, Centre Park Road, Monahan’s Road and surrounding areas (until 12.30pm)
  • Castle Road, Blackrock (until 12pm)
  • Ballyphehane/Togher/The Lough (until 2pm)
  • Tory Top Park and vicinity (until 2pm)
  • Magazine Road (until 2pm)
  • Orchard Road (until 2pm)
  • Farranlea Road, Farranlea Park and district (until 2pm)
  • Model Farm Road (until 2.30pm)
  • Inchigaggin Lane (until 3pm)
  • Mardyke Walk (until 3pm)
  • North Main Street (until 3pm)

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Cork City Centre

The marathon begins on St Patrick’s Street at 8.30am.

The half marathon begins on Albert Road at 10.15am.

St Patrick’s Street and adjoining streets are closed to traffic all day, from 5.30am to 6pm.

North Main Street will be closed to traffic from c. 10.00am until 3pm.

Traffic on Washington Street will be reduced to one lane inbound all day (closed in both directions from 8.00am to c. 9.30am).

Between approx. 8.00am and 9.30am, Grand Parade, South Mall, Parnell Place and Merchant’s Quay will be closed to all traffic. These streets will re-open once all competitors have safely passed.

There will be inbound traffic only on North Mall until 3pm.

Pope’s Quay will be open to traffic but restrictions at North Gate Bridge will apply between 10.30am and 3pm.

Traffic will be severely restricted on Grattan Street, Bachelor’s Quay, Lavitt’s Quay, Coal Quay and Kyrl’s Quay all day. Please avoid if at all possible.

Victoria Road/Albert Road and Surrounding Areas/Monahan’s Road

The half marathon starts on Albert Road at 10.15. Monahan’s Road, Centre Park Road, Victoria Road, Albert Road, Albert Street and surrounding areas will be closed to all but local traffic from c. 9.30am until c. 11.30pm.
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Approaching the City from the North


The Blackpool Bypass will be closed from Thomas Davis Street into town from 7.30am to about 10am. Motorists coming from the north are advised to use the North Link Road and exit further to the east.

All traffic north of the River Lee should return to normal after 11.30pm, with the exception of the North Mall (inbound traffic only until 3pm).

Approaching the City from the EAST or WEST

Jack Lynch Tunnel, South Ring Road (N40) and City Link Road (N27)

Travelling from the east, Dublin, Waterford, etc. the best advice is to use the South Ring Road (N40) and South City Link (N27). There will be a contra-flow in the Jack Lynch Tunnel until about 12pm, so traffic will move steadily but a little slower than normal. While your journey may be delayed, traffic will be kept moving.

The Silversprings dual carriageway/ Lower Glanmire Road (N8) will be closed to traffic inbound from 7.30am. Please use the tunnel and the South City Link (N27) to access the city centre.

The Tunnel will be fully reopened by 12pm.

There will also be a contra-flow on the South City Link, city end, until about 1pm, but traffic will be kept moving in- and outbound.
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City Suburbs

City Suburbs EAST

Castle Road

Residents on Castle Road from Blackrock Castle west to Blackrock Village will be able to access the village and Blackrock Road without delays, i.e. turning left from your park/home, returning fom the Blackrock Village side.

There will be no unassisted access to houses from the Castle to Ringmahon Road from c. 9.00am to 12pm.

Convent Road

Until about 12pm, the only exit into and out of Mahon from Blackrock will be Convent Road. This will result in increased traffic. We would be very much obliged if residents of Convent Road could find alternative off-road parking for the morning and we apologise to all for the inconvenience. This would greatly assist with traffic flow on the road.

City Suburbs WEST

The Ballyphehane and Togher areas are the most complex section of the course for traffic management. We are acutely aware of the disruption caused to the area by the race and apologise to all for the inconvenience caused. If at all possible, we urge motorists to please avoid the area.

Connolly Road

This year, the marathon will run along Connolly Road from Barbers Cross up to the northern edge of Tory Top Park. There will be a stop-go at the junction of Pearse Road and again at Tory Top Road so expect delays.

Tramore Road & Pearse Road

The main east/west arteries of Tramore Road (from the Kinsale Road to Lower Friars Walk) and Pearse Road will be closed to traffic from about 9.30am to 1pm. North/south traffic will be able to cross the course on Togher Road/Lough Road at their junctions with Pearse Road, but will be stopped by Gardai to wait until any runners in the vicinity have passed. The longest delays for traffic in this area will be between about 10.30am and 1pm.

Western Road

Please avoid coming into or leaving the city via Western Road from 10am to 2.30pm. Traffic from Dennehy’s Cross will be slow and interrupted at Orchard Rd/Farranlea Road and again at Victoria Cross. If at all possible, please use the South City Link.
Coming out of town, at the junction for the Sacred Heart Church and Wellington Bridge, there will be no righthand turn.

Magazine Road

Magazine Road, from the junction of Dorgan’s Road to St Francis’ Avenue, will be closed to traffic from c. 10am to 1.30pm.

Wilton Road (N71)

The Wilton Road will be open to local traffic from the Sarsfield Roundabout to Dennehy’s Cross. You will have access to the Model Farm Road as far as the junction with Farranlea Park/Rondevue Bar only. The Model Farm Road is closed to traffic further west until c. 2pm.

From Dennehy’s Cross, traffic will be able to access the Carrigrohane Road and the Western Road via Victoria Cross BUT there will be a stop-go in operation between Orchard Road and Farranlea Road to allow the runners across. This will inevitably cause tailbacks, particularly between 10.30am and 2pm. EXPECT DELAYS. You will also encounter delays on the Carrigrohane Road. If you’re heading west, please use the South City Ring Road instead.

Model Farm Road

The Model Farm Road, from the junction of Farranlea Park to Minister’s Cross, will be closed from 10am to about 2pm.

Limited traffic from Rossa Avenue to MODEL FARM RESTAURANT and from there to Minister’s Cross OUTBOUND only.

Inchigaggin Lane

Inchigaggin Lane is at the 23-mile mark in the race and, therefore, the road will be closed to all but essential residential traffic until about 3.00pm.
We respectfully ask residents who do need to drive in or out of their homes to use a one-way system, driving with extreme care towards the Carrigrohane Road. Traffic is outbound only on the Carrigrohane Road so you’ll have to turn left, heading out towards Ballincollig.
Please remember that at this stage in the race, many people will be extremely tired. Please drive slowly and if necessary stop or pull over to let a runner pass you out.

Carrigrohane Road (N22)

If at all possible, please avoid using the Carrigrohane Road from 10am to 2pm.

There will be live traffic outbound only on the Carrigrohane Road with a stop-go system in place at the junction with Inchigaggin Lane. As a runner approaches the Carrigrohane Road from Inchigaggin, the Gardaí will stop traffic to allow the runner straight out onto the northern side of the road. From about 11am to 12.30 there will be long delays in the area as the mass of runners pass through.

Traffic is always heavy here, with long tailbacks to Victoria Cross. If possible, please avoid this area and use the link roads to get to Ballincollig.
Please note that many of the runners you’ll see on the Carrigrohane Road will have run nearly 24 miles at that point. They will be concentrating on their final few miles and may be exhausted and not fully aware of their surroundings at this point.

Please drive slowly and take extra care in this area.

Mardyke Walk

The race will pass along the Mardyke from c. 10.30am through to about 3pm. Residents who need to drive into or out of their homes will have to be assisted by a Garda or by one of the race stewards. Please drive only when essential and then with extreme care.
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The Blackash Park and Ride will be open from 7.00am. You can park and get a bus to City Hall (every 10-15 mins) and get a bus back, whether you’re a runner or a supporter, for just €5 for the day.

We also have a special discount offer from Q-Park for anybody who can’t take public transport and has to drive into town over the weekend. Pre-book parking online and use promo code CCM25 for a 25% discount in all their Cork Q-Park car parks, valid from June 3rd until June 5th.

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